Reactive HE (High Exhaust) Dyes

We manufacture optimum quality reactive high exhaust dyes which are highly apt for the dyeing purpose of cellulosic and other cotton materials. We stand a bit above the traditional dyes because of the higher fixation and exhaustion efficiency of the dyes which reduces the cost involved appreciably. Good build up are of particular importance for dyeing polyester and cellulic blends of garments which holds the dye for longer period. As compared to the conventional dyes the wastage too is less which makes us the one among the best HE cotton dye manufacturers. We stand supreme among the prime reactive dyes exporters from India.

Standard Method

Minutes Load Machine-Run Liquor and/or fabric. Ensures PH is below 7. Adjust PH with acetic acid if necessary.Set the dye bath at 50°C.Add pre dissolved dye.
15 Add half of Predissolved Glauber's salt. Continue dyeing.
15 Add reminder of salt. Continue dyeing.
15 Continue dyeing.
10 Add soda ash solution. Continue dyeing at 80-85oC
30-60 Continue dyeing at 80-85oC. wash

Salt & Alkali Requirement

Depth of Shade % Salt gms/lt. Soda Ash (gms/lt.)
Up to 0.5 30 10
0.5 - 1.0 45 15
1.0 - 2.0 60 15
2.0 - 4.0 70 15
Above 4.0 90 20

Colour Chart

Colour Chart