Raja Dye Chem

HE Dyes are Reactive Dyes for cellulosic material and are designed to give high fixation by exhaust dyeing methods when applied at the temperature 85-90º C. HE dyes are suitable for dyeing cotton and other cellulosic materials. These dyes process significantly higher exhausation and fixation efficiency which result in appreciable cost reduction, in comparison to conventional reactive dyes. Some advantages of HE Dyes are:-
(i) Excellent compatibility;(ii) Good built up;(iii) Excellent Reproducibility ;(iv) Wide Applicability & (v) Outstading built up and consistency.

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Reactive M Brand Dyes

REACTIVE M BRAND DYES are highly reactive requiring comparatively milder conditions in dye fixation. They are primarily meant for dyeing at normal room temperature (about 25º - 30º Deg. C) using Soda Ash or Sodium Bicarbonate.RAJAFIX M BRAND dyes are applicable to cellulosic textiles by Batch-wise, Semi-continuous and Continuous


Reactive H (Hot Brand) Dyes

RAJAFIX REACTIVE  H BRAND DYES are monochlorotriazine reactive dyes having a low reactivity and low substantivity. Since these dyes have low reactivity, they require more severe conditions for fixation with cellulosic materials. They are readily soluble by pouring water of 80-85oC on powder & stirring well. They are applicable on


Reactive ME Brand Dyes

RAJAFIX REACTIVE ME BRAND DYES are mixed Bifunctional reactive dyes where Vinyl Sulfone group is linked to chromophore through a mono chloro triazine group as a bridge link. They are applicable on cellulosic material at lower dyeing temperature 60oC. The main features of these 'Bifunctional' dyes are as under :

  • The

Reactive HE (High Exhaust) Dyes

We manufacture optimum quality reactive high exhaust dyes which are highly apt for the dyeing purpose of cellulosic and other cotton materials. We stand a bit above the traditional dyes because of the higher fixation and exhaustion efficiency of the dyes which reduces the cost involved appreciably. Good build up are of particular importance for


Reactive Vs Brand Dyes

Remazol 'VS' Brand Dyes are Reactive Dyes possessing Vinyl sulphone as the reactive group. In presence of alkali, these dyes chemically react with the hydroxyl group of cellulose and form firm, convalent linkages. These dyes are versatile enough to suit different dyeing methods. Results are excellent and shades come clean and brilliant with no